About @Stake

@Stake is a role-playing and tabletop card game that fosters democracy, empathy, and creative problem solving for civic issues. Planning issues often involve conflicting interests coupled with deep resentments and community divides. Building a new highway, for example, is seldom only a question of the highway's design, but the destiny of the land, the community, and individual residents.

Download the game guide and materials here!

We were amazed at the success of @Stake in driving productive conversation at our UNDP workshop, and took it back to the Lab for further development. Since then, it's been used at many different contexts such as The Jewish Federation, youth ambassador programs for inner city planning institutions in Boston, and the United Nations in New York. Numerous expansions and customization packs have made the game robust enough to aid in processes of all types nationally and across the world. Here are some implementations of our games:

In collaboration with the Centering Healthcare Institute, we adapted an @Stake deck to facilitate a discussion about sustainability, outreach, and expansion for Centering Pregnancy groups.

In collaboration with the Participatory Budgeting Project, we played in New York City, Cambridge, and Boston to prepare budget delegates for the deliberation process of selecting potential projects for funding.

In collaboration with the Frontiers of Democracy Conference, to introduce practitioners, scholars, and activists to a tool for democratic deliberation.

Most recently, we've played with urban planning firms such as Utile and HSH) to see if it could be used in public engagement for urban planning efforts.

Since its inception, @Stake has become one of our best tools for proving to others that games can be productive civic tools.

  • @Stake at the Frontiers of Democracy 2014
  • Las Vegas Conference
  • @Stake at the Frontiers of Democracy 2013
  • @Stake and the Centering Conference
  • @Stake with Howard Stein Hudson firm
  • Bhutan gameplay
  • Playing with the Boston Participatory Budgeting Project and the Youth Delegation
  • Filming our tutorial
  • New York City Participatory Budgeting Project
  • A Sample Card
  • @Stake:Game Research for Deliberative Democracy and Group Creativity (Presented at the CSCW 2016 Interactive Poster Session)

    Click below to download a printable guide with new rules and role cards. Everything you need to play and facilitate your own game of @Stake.

  • @Stake Rules and Role Cards
  • This implementation report includes reflections from the gameplays of @Stake with three Participatory Budgeting meetings in New York City during Fall 2014-Winter 2015.

  • @Stake PB White Paper

@Stake News

@Stake: A Series of Field Notes in Game Development

@Stake: A Series of Field Notes in Game Development

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Printable @Stake Game

Printable @Stake Game

An announcement of @Stake 2.0 that can now be printed out at home!