List of selected research output from Engagement Lab faculty and affiliates, including books, guides, and articles.





Articles and Chapters

A Feminist HCI Approach to Designing Postpartum Technologies: ”When I first saw a breast pump I was wondering if it was a joke.”

05 01 2016 Catherine D'Ignazio, Alexis Hope, Becky Michelson, Robyn Churchill, Ethan Zuckerman

@Stake: A Game to Facilitate the Process of Deliberative Democracy

02 01 2016 Eric Gordon, Jason Haas, Becky Michelson

Designing Tools and Activities for Data Literacy Learners

09 01 2015 Rahul Bhargava, Catherine D'Ignazio

Approaches to Building Big Data Literacy

09 01 2015 Catherine D'Ignazio, Rahul Bhargava

Caring About the Community, Counteracting Disorder: 311 Reports of Public Issues as Counteracting Disorder

08 23 2014 Daniel Tumminelli O'Brien, Eric Gordon, Jessica Baldwin Philippi

Game-based Civic Learning in Public Participation Processes

12 07 2013 Gordon, E., and Schirra, S

Why We Engage: How Theories of Human Behavior Contribute to Our Understanding of Civic Engagement in a Digital Era

10 22 2013 Gordon, Eric and Baldwin-Philippi, Jessica and Balestra, Martina

Media Literacy: Empowering Youth Worldwide

10 01 2009 Paul Mihailidis