Civic Media Project

2015 - 2016

Laptop screen with Civic Media Project website

The Civic Media project is a compendium to the book Civic Media: Technology, Design, Practice (MIT Press, 2016). It is a collection of case studies divided into four sections: Play + Creativity (, Systems + Design (, Learning + Engagement (, and Community + Action ( Each section contains about 25 case studies that address the themes of the section. 

About the Project

Problem Space

Civic life consists of the attention and actions an individual devotes to a common good, however where and how civic life takes place, is an open question. The lines between the private and the public, the self-interested and the civic are blurring as digital cultures transform means and patterns of communication around the world.

Proposed Intervention

The Civic Media Project (CMP) is a collection of short case studies published in Scalar, a collaborative publishing tool founded at USC Annenberg, and an extension of CIVIC MEDIA: TECHNOLOGY, DESIGN, PRACTICE, an edited anthology published by MIT Press in Spring 2016.

Social Impact

The Civic Media Project case studies are organized into four sections: Play + Creativity presents cases where civic life is facilitated through deliberate acts of play or creativity, either through games, speculative design, or digital storytelling. Systems + Design presents cases where the infrastructure of civic life is considered and manipulated to produce specific civic outcomes. Learning + Engagement presents cases that focus on how the effective qualities of learning and engagement are mobilized towards civic impact. Community + Action presents cases where people or organizations mobilize digital networks for civic or political action and where social movements intersect with social circles.