Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices

2020 - Present

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Extensive research over the past decades has found media literacy education to positively impact learners’ ability to critique and create media. This research takes place across academic disciplines and within a variety of formal and informal education settings.

This project builds on this wealth of past work to explore how media literacy research and practice identifies and measures impact, and how the language of equity and inclusion exists in media literacy educational practice in the United States.

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About the Project

Problem Space

While calls for media literacy practices to better support an equitable society are increasing within the field (and society at large), there remains a gap between how impactful media literacy practices are defined and how they are connected to equitable goals supporting just and inclusive futures.

Proposed Intervention

The report: Equity and Impact in Media Literacy Practice: Mapping the Field in the United States, shares extensive research findings that show how impact and equity are approach in media literacy education. The guide: Field Guide for Equitable Media Literacy Practice, offers resources, activities and approaches for media literacy educators to consider how their practice can be more equity- and inclusion-oriented.

Social Impact

The report brings together decades of research across multiple fields with the experience of more than 700 media literacy educators in the field today, for anyone to read and learn and develop in their own practice. The field guide offers a broad roadmap for practitioners to adapt to their specific learning environment. Together, these elements advance an ecosystem approach, connecting and enabling practitioners to center equity in their context.


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Project Team

Design Team

  • Sumali Dey
  • Johnny Richardson
  • Mikaela Joyce


  • Michelle Ciulla Lipkin
  • Sherri Hope Culver

Advisory Board

  • Aaliyah El-Amin
  • Erica Scharrer
  • Lalitha Vasudevan
  • Lynn Schofield Clark
  • Sangita Shresthova
  • Seth Ashley
  • Kimberly Moffitt
  • Theresa Redmond
  • Christopher Harris

Project Contact

For inquiries about this project, please contact