Sub-project of Community PlanIt: Work Flow

2014 - 2015

Work flow

Work Flow is a game developed in response to youth unemployment challenges in Bhutan, particularly in the capital city, Thimphu. It originated from the digital game Community PlanIt: Youth@Work Bhutan, facilitated by the UNDP and the Engagement Lab. In Work Flow, 8-30 players engage in role-playing and strategy to acquire skills, training, and networks for employment opportunities. They also decide whether to stay in their hometown or migrate for better prospects. The game draws from real-life input, creating relatable characters and fostering conversations that can lead to peer-to-peer support networks.

About the Project

Problem Space

Like many other countries, unemployment in Bhutan disproportionately affects youth (ages 16-26 years), especially those living in the capital city, Thimphu. Work Flow grew out of a digital game that was played in Bhutan and facilitated by the UNDP and the Engagement Lab called Community PlanIt: Youth@Work Bhutan. The Lab used player input gathered in that game to source content for Work Flow.

Proposed Intervention

The game can be played with 8 – 30 people and relies on role playing and strategy elements as players strive to acquire skills, training, and build networks that will help them to find opportunities for employment. At the same time, players negotiate whether or not to remain in the town where they began the game, or migrate to other locations to find more resources or opportunities.

Social Impact

Work Flow relies on typical situations described by real world input from youth in Bhutan to create characters in the game that will resonate with players as they negotiate their strategy for finding resources and winning the game. Furthermore, the kinds of conversations and ideation that emerges during gameplay can lead to real world peer-to-peer networks for support and collaboration that go beyond the game itself.