Emerging Citizens

2016 - 2018

Person holding phone on the foreground and tv screen on the background

Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen is about enhancing engagement in a digital media culture and the models that educators, parents and policy makers can utilize to place media-savvy youth into positions of purpose, responsibility and power. Two specific challenges are at the core of this book’s argument that media literacy is the path toward more active and robust civic engagement in the 21st century: How can media literacy enable core competencies for value-driven, diverse and robust digital media use? How can media literacy enable a more civic-minded participatory culture?

About the Project

Problem Space

One of the key findings published in Paul Mihailidis's book Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen: Youth, Engagement and Participation in Digital Culture is that youth engage in social networking and cultural sharing in dynamic ways, but have trouble recognizing how their digital applications provide productive connectivity, vibrant communication, and diverse information consumption in daily life. Therefore, if students are not able to understand how social and mobile technologies enhance learning experiences, it will be hard for them to see the value that comes from informal or alternative learning pathways.

Proposed Intervention

This suite transforms the process of interrogating the impact of user generated digital media into a fun, accessible, playful experience. Each Emerging Citizens game encourages players to engage with culturally and politically relevant topics while focusing on a specific 21st digital modality (Memes, Hashtags, and Hyperlinks). The Emerging Citizens suite is easy to implement and play within a normal class time period. No installations, no downloads, no subscriptions, no problems. Modular content system allows for subject-specific lesson plans. Focused on learning through Lesson Guides and Activities.

Social Impact

Civic IDEA has been used nationally and internationally to encourage the investigation and interrogation of media through a civic lens.