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MUST READS: Top Breastfeeding & Mommy Blog Picks

February 27, 2018

By Crystal Brockton

With busy days filled with bottles, binkies, and baby bags, you may not have had the time to search through all those emails from blog subscriptions (some of which you don’t even remember signing up for, lol). No worries, I’ve put together a list of blog picks covering everything from breastfeeding to maternity fashion. These reads are sure to keep you in the know on all the latest in breastfeeding innovation and mama news!

  1. Kelly Mom

Created by international lactation consultant and mother of three, Kelly Bonyata, walks parents through the entire breastfeeding process. From preparing to breastfeed to nutrition after baby arrives, this blog is your one stop shop for breastfeeding and parenting education!

  1. Mama Natural

Mama Natural aka Genevieve Howland advocates for mommies and their children to lead healthy lives by promoting natural resources related to breastfeeding and baby health. The blog offers a week-by-week natural pregnancy guide and is the number one natural pregnancy channel on Youtube!

  1. Moms Rising

Moms Rising is a blog focused on activism, advocating for women, moms, and families through various campaigns keeping you informed on the latest news affecting families, such as paid family leave, healthcare, and childcare. Their sister blog Mamá offers a Spanish version of all posts as well.

  1. Bun Maternity

For the mommas who like to stay abreast (pun intended) of the latest breastfeeding and pregnancy care tips while staying comfy and stylish in the hottest maternity swag, this blog is for you! Bun focuses on empowering mothers during their pregnancy journey through informative posts with everything from breastfeeding secrets to what to pack for the big delivery day! Tailored to fit the needs of every mommy for any occasion, Bun also has a line of maternity clothing as well.

  1. Black Mothers Breastfeeding

Black Mothers Breastfeeding focuses their mission on reducing racial disparities in breastfeeding success for black families. Promoting healthy breastfeeding practices, support, and services for moms of color, this blog is a must read! While visiting, be sure to check out their publication “Sister-to-Sister: Let’s Talk” created specifically for moms of color, offers breastfeeding literature to community-based organizations and private practices that offer services to pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

  1. La Leche League USA

La Leche League USA connects mothers nationwide, consistently building a network of support near or far so that mothers never feel alone! La Leche League offers encouragement and education, helping mothers everywhere to reach their breastfeeding goals! LLL also offers breastfeeding and parenting events nationwide, so remember to check out what’s coming up in your city on their events page.

  1. Cafe Mom

Rough day? Cafe Mom is a go to mommy blog for when you just want to let your hair down and enjoy a fun read. With inspiring stories from moms and dads alike, parenting and mom support, this blog dishes on the day-to-day challenges of parenting, while giving you a refreshing reminder that you can do this! Cafe Mom also has an entertainment feature that gives you a birds eye view into your favorite parent celebrity couples! Cafe Mom covers everything from advice on mommy life to the best skincare products that are safest for your baby.

  1. The Bump

One time for the millennial mommies out there! The Bump provides a uniquely curated space for millennial moms to get expert advice on fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. With an interactive app that provides personalized advice, checklists, and “Bump Local” message boards, where you can interact with young mothers from almost every state in the U.S. Head on over and make some friends!

  1. Breast Milk Counts

We all know how precious that “liquid gold” is, and the folks over at Breast Milk Counts want to help make sure not a drop is wasted. Educating mothers on the need-to-knows of breastfeeding, BMC has an entire guide dedicated to pumping and milk storage. One of the most unique things about the site is the “Teamwork” guide, with special guides tailored for each member of the family. From dad to friends to grandma, this blog family understands that teamwork makes the dream work!

  1. The Leaky Boob

Need advice on what to do if your sick and if you should pump or not? Maybe you’re having nipple pain and in need of support options, don’t fear, The Leaky Boob is here! For those tough days where you need an answer, fast, this blog is a one stop solution for breastfeeding moms. With extensive posts offering different solutions for various breastfeeding issues, including videos, tutorials, and lactation support experts, TLB has you covered!

  1. M A M A D E M I C S

Mamademics follows the life of Danielle Slaughter, a mother and doctoral student from Detroit, Michigan. The Mamademics blog provides a “day in the life” experience of how it is to be a student and full-time mom. In addition to being a mom and a student, Danielle also runs a business! Check out this blog if you need a few pointers on how to juggle all the many hats you wear along with your mom hat!

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