A collage of the new staff members

Introducing ELab Student Staff

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Left to Right : Neve Chambers, Riddhima Dave, Maeve Lawler, Chloe Williams & John Yang

The Engagement Lab welcomes three new and two returning student staff members for the 2022-2023 academic year. Get to know why they work at the ELab and more about their personalities. 

New Student Staff: 

Neve Chambers, Communications Assistant 

Neve is a Media Design graduate student at Emerson, graduating in 2023. She spent most of her life growing up in Scotland but calls southern Spain her home, where her dad lives. Neve received her undergraduate degree in Product Design at Edinburgh Napier University, the number one modern university for art and design in the UK. 

Why Neve works at the ELab 

“I am looking forward to using my design skills to hopefully make a difference in the local community. I love the atmosphere in the ELab, we all have the same goal but can have non-judgmental discussions on our personal opinions on how to get to the shared goal.” 

Where is Neve when she’s not working? 

“Target, the novelty still hasn’t worn off!”

Personal motto

“‘Whits fir ya, willny go by ya.’ Which translated from Scots means “What for you won't go by you,” in the same vain as ‘what’s meant to be will be.’” 

Dream job or lifestyle

“I’d love to work as a remote digital designer, whilst traveling the world. I have my heart set on visiting southeast Asia again.” 

What Neve wants people to know about her 

“I’m always down to have a good time, almost every second sentence I speak is a joke!” 

Riddhima Dave, Research Assistant for VR and Stigma Research Project

Riddhima is a Media Design graduate student at Emerson, graduating in 2023. She is from Mumbai, India, and calls home wherever her family is. As Riddhima phrased it, she’s “a lion through and through.” She graduated from Emerson in 2022 with a journalism degree. 

Why Riddhima works at the ELab 

“I love research work and I really connected with the [VR and Stigma Research Project] because I have worked in the medium very briefly before and found it very impactful.” Riddhima thinks working at the ELab supplements her education. She added, “I also believe [working at the ELab] will expose me to things I might not be able to learn in the classroom.” 

Her favorite thing about working at the ELab is the coffee machine that helps her to stay awake. 

Where is Riddhima when she’s not working?

“You can find me in front of a television set, at the Esplanade, thrift shopping in some obscure shop, or at the Boston Public Library, reading a book.” Personal motto 

“You don’t have to decide everything you want to do and be today. Go with the flow and take it one day at a time.”

Dream job or lifestyle

“... I really want to enjoy the work I do and stay motivated to do better and grow in it. I do want to have a full life outside a job though. I do not want to give too much of my life to just work.” 

What Riddhima wants people to know about her

Once Riddhima has finished her master's in Media Design, she will have three degrees in total. In addition to her degree in journalism, she also has a degree in an Indian classical dance form called Bharatnatyam. 

“I also trained in vocals in the classical singing discipline of Hindustani music. I love performing and I miss it dearly,” she said.

Maeve Lawler, Communications Assistant 

Maeve is a class of ‘25 undergraduate journalism student at Emerson, with minors in publishing and political science. Her family lives in Scituate, Massachusetts but she also calls England her second home—where her dad is from. 

Why Maeve works at the ELab

“I am passionate about communication in its many forms. Working at the ELab allows me to meet new people and produce meaningful content for the Emerson community. I appreciate the supportive team I have met while working here.” 

Where is Maeve when she’s not working?

“You’ll find me drinking tea on my sofa, going for walks along the Charles River, or at the Boston Public Library.” 

Personal motto

“Trust life’s process. Everything works out in the end.” 

Dream job or lifestyle

“I envision myself exploring many avenues in the future. I would love to work for a non-profit journalism company, like Report for America. I am also interested in pursuing a law degree, maybe in environmental science. All in all, I want to enjoy my career and spend time traveling to new places.” 

What Maeve wants people to know about her 

“I would love to live in London working as a writer for a magazine or newspaper.” 

Returning Student Staff: 

Chloe Williams, Visual Designer 

Chloe is a class of ‘24 undergraduate Business of Creative Enterprises student at Emerson with a minor in marketing. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Why Chloe works at the ELab

“I love applying my passion for design and art to a great cause. It’s a great environment and super fulfilling!” She appreciates the creative control students get while working at the ELab. 

Where is Chloe when she’s not working?

“[People] would find me hanging out with friends, going on walks around Boston, or at Whole Foods.” 

Personal motto 

“Always be kind! Always get a dog!” 

Dream job or lifestyle

“My dream job is working as a creative director at a production or media company. My dream lifestyle is to only be working about 40% of the time and enjoying life for the rest.” 

What Chloe wants people to know about her 

“My favorite food is pomegranates. If you know me, you know my pride and joy is my Shiba Inu dog, Odi.” 

John Yang, Lab Assistant 

John is a class of ‘24 undergraduate studying Media, Culture, and Literature at Emerson. He is from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and calls home wherever he is present, accepted, and loved. 

Why John works at the ELab

“I decided to join the ELab because of the social impact work they do with community partners to address serious social issues like gun violence and climate change.”

John likes working with community members face-to-face at the ELab while learning how the ELab functions 

“... most of all, knowing that I am contributing to change that will make a difference in people’s lives,” is what John likes best about working here.

Where is John when he’s not working?

“You may find me at a new food place trying out their fried chicken wings, at a toy store looking for collectible figures, or just doing nothing at all (wink, wink).” 

Personal motto

“Treat every moment like it’s your first and last.”

Dream job or lifestyle 

“Easy. A superhero with the power to grant financial freedom.” 

What John wants people to know about him 

John believes “

everyone should be able to live out their dreams and make them into realities.”


Maeve Lawler,

Communications Assistant