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Re-imagining the Literacies for a Time of Distrust

In the wake of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, a renewed interest in media literacy has emerged, centered specifically around the phenomenon of "fake news." While the term "fake news" is being increasingly contested, it has framed contemporary discussions around the proliferation of misinformation through social networks, and into mainstream media spaces....

Twitter Chat on Mutually-Beneficial Research Partnerships

Hosted by #BostonCivicMedia What does it take to create and sustain trustworthy research collaborations for the common good? Each sector contributes valuable assets to project collaborations. For example, academics can offer data analysis skills, local NGO's often bring community buy-in to the table, and government agencies catalyze political will for social change....

New DataBasic Tool Lets You "Connect the Dots" in Data

We're thrilled to announce Catherine D'Ignazio and Rahul Bhargava have launched a new DataBasic tool and activity, Connect the Dots, aimed at helping students and educators see how their data is connected with a visual network diagram. By showing the relationships between things, networks are useful for finding answers that aren't readily apparent through spreadsheet data alone....

Digital Storytelling About Migration: A Civic Media Framework

The recent influx of migrants and refugees into mainland Europe has resulted in a rising tide of nationalism and a populist backlash throughout the West. This increase in migrating populations has highlighted tensions in how citizens of the West view their borders, their politicians, and their civic identities when faced with the arrival of those with little support and few resources for transitioning into a new culture....

What move will you make?

Four months ago I took part in the 2016 Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change (part of the larger organization The Salzburg Global Seminar) as a product designer working with students and university faculty members from all over the world to address the topic of global migration....

Social Media, Culture, and Political Protest

Abby Cecilia Medina Ph.D. Student, Education and Psychology, University of - Twitter: @soooabby Vincent Raynauld, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Political Communication, Emerson CollegeFaculty Associate, Engagement Lab, Emerson CollegeResearch Associate, Groupe de Recherche en Communication Politique, Université LavalAcademic Adviser, Samara CanadaMember, Réseau Démocratie É - Twitter: @VincentR Emmanuelle Richez, Ph.D....

Engagement Lab Seeks Full-Time Grants and Finance Director

Reporting to the Executive Director and the Senior Advisor for the Academic Affairs department, the Grants and Finance Director will oversee all aspects of financial management, administrative planning, business operations, and human resource management for the Engagement Lab @ Emerson College....



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Community PlanIt Semifinalist for 2016 Ash Award for Innovation in Goverrnment

Community PlanIt has been named a semifinalist for the Innovation in American Government Awards, a national competition by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.

Tearing Down the 'Town and Gown' Divide by: Ron Littlefield, Governing

On bridging the gap between municipalities and the colleges and universities within their borders

What We Should Mean When We Talk About Citizen Engagement

Eric Gordon proposes propose that when government talks about civic engagement, it is really talking about caring.

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