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The Public Engagement Roadmap - Medium

Earlier this year, The Engagement Lab launched an implementation guide, toolkit, and game to support public engagement called the Public Engagement Roadmap. The Roadmap is based on practical findings summarized in Accelerating Public Engagement, a report written by Eric Gordon, Executive Director of the Engagement Lab and Associate Professor at Emerson College, about real-life examples from public engagement during the second cohort of the City Accelerator program by Living Cities and the Citi Foundation....

@Stake: the Mobile Version - Medium

Imagine that you are about to enter strategic planning meeting with your team, community members, or a broad-based coalition. You think to yourself, this time it's going to be different. This time, a diversity of voices will be represented in the final plans or you'll try a new and exciting approach....

Pablo Martínez-Zárate, Ciudad Merced: A Community Self-Portrait

by Riley Hunt, Samantha Viotty, Jessica Weaver Pablo Martinez Zarate is a professor and artist in Mexico City whose work focuses on documentary filmmaking, photography, and design highlighting community, cities, and memory. This case study explores Pablo's work on the Cuidad Merced intervention, a project of Pablo's that explores city landscapes and community narratives produced through documentary film, and how his work fits into the civic media framework....

Re-imagining the Literacies for a Time of Distrust - Medium

In the wake of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, a renewed interest in media literacy has emerged, centered specifically around the phenomenon of "fake news." While the term "fake news" is being increasingly contested, it has framed contemporary discussions around the proliferation of misinformation through social networks, and into mainstream media spaces....

New DataBasic Tool Lets You "Connect the Dots" in Data

We're thrilled to announce Catherine D'Ignazio and Rahul Bhargava have launched a new DataBasic tool and activity, Connect the Dots, aimed at helping students and educators see how their data is connected with a visual network diagram. By showing the relationships between things, networks are useful for finding answers that aren't readily apparent through spreadsheet data alone....



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Community PlanIt Semifinalist for 2016 Ash Award for Innovation in Goverrnment

Community PlanIt has been named a semifinalist for the Innovation in American Government Awards, a national competition by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation.

Tearing Down the 'Town and Gown' Divide by: Ron Littlefield, Governing

On bridging the gap between municipalities and the colleges and universities within their borders

What We Should Mean When We Talk About Citizen Engagement

Eric Gordon proposes propose that when government talks about civic engagement, it is really talking about caring.

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