Spring 2022 TNGV Theatre Project

A row of student performers on stage in a black box theater


On April 26, 2022, the spring Social Impact Studio in theatre presented an excerpt from their devised performance inspired by the group's work with the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital Gun Violence Prevention Center. The performance was designed to show how theater can be a tool to help reframe false narratives related to violence in our communities.

A Look Inside the Co-Creation Process

Student performers rehearsing in a black box theater

“Survivors of gun violence are some of the strongest people that I have ever met, and if anything, my voice in a world so divided on gun control laws is needed now more than ever. This class connected us so strongly to members of the greater Boston area community… I hope this class continues to go in the direction of community devising and inspiration.”

Allie Witek, student

Social Impact Studios, facilitated by the Engagement Lab, give Emerson students and faculty the opportunity to work directly with local grassroots changemakers to co-create media projects that will make an impact in Boston and beyond.

This performance was co-created in Spring 2022’s Social Impact Studio in theatre, in partnership with the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Gun Violence Prevention Center.


Project Team