Will Dunn and Brother Chris Womack


Produced collaboratively by Emerson College students and learning partners from Uncornered, a Boston nonprofit that uses education to end systemic generational urban poverty and violence, "Incorrigible" is a 30-minute documentary which demonstrates the transformative impacts of real love in Boston's communities through the life stories of Will Dunn and Brother Chris Womack.

A draft of the documentary was first screened at the fall 2023 Peace in Process event on December 12, 2023. The film is now in post-production, and will be available to view online later this spring.

A Look Inside the Co-Creation Process

Emerson students with Learning Partner Will Dunn

“30 years ago, PBS brought a camera into Orchard Park projects and they tried to tell a story about kids who play with guns. They never after that story decided to go back and see what happened to them, or what those kids needed, or who they became. I wish that PBS or GBH went back and showed that... but I know that we're blessed to have been the ones to showcase these people's lives and honored, honestly, to have been let in on their brotherhood and trusted enough to be the ones to tell their story." 

Elexxus Ryan Perea, Learning Partner  

Social Impact Studios, facilitated by the Engagement Lab, give Emerson students and faculty the opportunity to work directly with local grassroots changemakers to co-create media projects that will make an impact in Boston and beyond.

Incorrigible was co-created in Fall 2023’s Social Impact Studio in documentary filmmaking, in partnership with Boston Uncornered.


Project Team