Before the Bullets


A conversation with medical professionals from Massachusetts General Hospital and other local medical centers about their experiences and hopes for the future of gun violence prevention.

This mini-documentary was created alongside Quiet Rooms in the spring 2022 Collaborative Documentary Social Impact Studio. Quiet Rooms is told from the perspective of survivors of gun violence; Before the Bullets explores the same subject from a medical professional's point of view.

A Look Inside the Co-Creation Process

Studio participants gathered around interviewee and posing for the camera

Social Impact Studios, facilitated by the Engagement Lab, give Emerson students and faculty the opportunity to work directly with local grassroots changemakers to co-create media projects that will make an impact in Boston and beyond.

Before the Bullets was co-created in Spring 2022’s Social Impact Studio in documentary filmmaking, in partnership with the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Gun Violence Prevention Center. The film was edited by Cole Tatham.


Project Team

Photo of Sabrina Carr

Sabrina Carr

Business of Creative Enterprises '24

Photo of Olivia Goldberg

Olivia Goldberg

Visual & Media Arts '23

Photo of Angelina Gu

Angelina Gu

Visual & Media Arts '22

Photo of Cole Tatham

Cole Tatham

Visual & Media Arts '22

Photo of John Yang

John Yang

Interdisciplinary Studies '24

Photo of Shaulita Francis

Shaulita Francis

Communications and Marketing Manager, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

Photo of Anna Porter

Anna Porter

Administrative Coordinator, Massachusetts General Hospital Gun Violence Prevention Center

Photo of Carla Sheffield

Carla Sheffield

Learning Partner

Photo of LeeAnn Taylor

LeeAnn Taylor

Learning Partner

Photo of Theodore "Regge" Life

Theodore "Regge" Life

Senior Distinguished Director in Residence, Visual & Media Arts

Photo of Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon

ELab Director; Professor, Visual & Media Arts

Photo of Rachele Gardner

Rachele Gardner

ELab Associate Director