Five people gathered around a table with prototyping materials

Games for Social Change

Learn the fundamentals of game design as well as the theory and practice of how game experiences can be used to inform, motivate, build relationships, and inspire action.

An individual testing out a VR headset

Immersive Media: Co-Design for Peace in Boston

Learn the fundamentals of Virtual Reality and/or 360 Video production and explore how to tell stories and create experiences in immersive media environments that inspire people to action.

A number of individuals gathered around a table working on a project

Co-Design Studio

An immersive foundations course on co-design methodology and theory intended for students interested in equitably engaging with community partners in Social Impact Studios.

Studio participants on a bike tour along Chelsea's waterfront

Future Imaginaries: Unwritten Stories of Climate Change & Sustainability

This course focuses on shaping and uplifting positive narratives about the future, examining how they can shape our expectations, actions, and outcomes.

Studio participants walking through Sherrin Woods

Creative Expression for Climate Justice

This course explores community generated solutions to local climate challenges.

Three individuals on stage holding newspapers

Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence through Performance

Learn and use a variety of applied theatre techniques to partner with local community-based, anti-violence organizations in order to transform the dominant narratives related to gun violence in the United States.

City Councilor Brian Worrell visiting Journalism Studio

Grassroots Journalism and Community Media

Learn how journalists can work with communities to develop solutions to the issue of gun violence in Boston

A seated individual in a hoodie in front of a green screen, with a camera person in the foreground

Collaborative Documentary

Learn the fundamentals of collaborative design and documentary production skills, and apply your art and craft in direct collaboration with members of the community.