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Data Culture Project

2018 - 2019

Project Leads

Catherine D'Ignazio
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Problem Space

Data is everywhere right now. But many organizations like yours are struggling to figure out how to build capacity to work with data. You don't need a data scientist; you need data culture.

Proposed Intervention

The Data Culture Project is a hands-on learning program to kickstart a data culture within your organization. It provides facilitation videos to help you run creative introductions to get people across your organization talking to each other‚from IT to marketing to programs to evaluation. These are not boring spreadsheet trainings! Try running these fun activities‚once per month as a brown bag lunch to focus people on a common learning goal.

Social Impact

People at more than 30 organizations around the world have used the program, and dozens more organizations are planning to use it. This is building interest in this simple tool for building data capacity.

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