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Civic Seed

2012 - 2013

Partner Organization

Tufts University

Project Leads

Eric Gordon
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Problem Space

Many incoming university students are eager to get involved with the school's partner communities and create positive change. However, to most, the people, challenges, and histories of these communities are unknown, and under-trained volunteers can even do more harm than good. For local organizations, it's difficult to know which students have the necessary knowledge and skills to collaborate effectively and whose personal goals align with the goals of the organization and the community.

Proposed Intervention

Civic Seed is on online multi-player RGP to prepare college students for community service work that is now an integral part of many undergraduate experiences. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service—which promotes a culture of active citizenship for Tufts students throughout the university and in their communities—were particularly interested in testing a game to enhance student learning and deepen understanding of the social and historical context of the organizations and communities they are conserving.

Social Impact

Civic Seed was beta testing with Tufts students in May and October 2013, where the Lab gathered constructive feedback on Civic Seed's mechanics and its effectiveness as a learning platform. After incorporating this feedback, Tisch College launched the game in February 2014 with student groups on campus who engage in community service.

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