Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen is about enhancing engagement in a digital media culture, and the models that educators, parents, and policy makers can utilize to place a media savvy citizenry into positions of purpose, responsibility, and power.

Two specific challenges are at the core of this book's argument that media literacy is the path towards more active and robust civic engagement in the 21st Century.

  • How can media literacy enable core competencies for value-driven, diverse and robust digital media use?
  • How can media literacy enable a more civic-minded participatory culture?

Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen is a manifesto for media literacy education that is at the center of how young people understand the influence social media have on their personal and public lives and use digital media for more inclusive lifestyles. The opportunity to reframe the debate on what an engaged citizen is and on how media literacy education can stand to empower the next generation of leaders is apparent and glaring. This book is driven by the potential of networked communities to build new collaborative participation across all facets of society (Neal 2012). Clay Shirky (2010) sees this as the true opportunity for collaboration today: “People want to do something to make the world a better place. They will help when they are invited to.” (p. 17). Media literacy can help activate that human element by harnessing the true power each individual has to add value in society today. And we are not that far away.

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Author(s): Mihailidis, Paul

Published: August 19th 2014