About eLEEP

eLEEP is a health and media literacy project that works with communities, schools and organizations to build media competencies for social change, civic voices, and consumer empowerment. eLEEP aims to empower youth with health and media literacy skills and competencies to address critical concerns like healthy dating relationships, obesity and healthy lifestyle choices.

By providing training, modeling community outreach and collaborative, project-based activism and scholarship, eLEEP teaches youth and young adults to utilize the power of social media platforms and mobile technologies to make their civic voices heard and encourages them to practice social and community responsibility as well as tolerance.

eLEEP Overarching Goals Include:

  • Community Empowerment - eLEEP works with schools, communities, and local governments to help bring training in health and media literacy to youth

  • Health Literacy Awareness - eLEEP builds content specific curriculum and community outreach that promotes the communication of healthy lifestyle choices, respect, and tolerance

  • Media Literacy Trainings - To empower active and engaged civic voices, eLEEP builds critical media analysis, expression and production skills in youth so that their voices can be heard.

eLEEP News

eLEEP Gets National Comm Assoc Grant

eLEEP Gets National Comm Assoc Grant

Assistant Professor Angela Cooke-Jackson of Communication Studies recently received a grant from the...

DML funds Emerson Literacy Education + Empowerment Project

DML funds Emerson Literacy Education + Empowerment Project

In 2013, eLEEP will be hosting 20 students at Emerson for its peer leadership digital literacy train...