About Boda Boda

Boda Boda is a game designed to reinforce the basic tenets of a first aid certification course for drivers of motorcycle taxis in Uganda. In Uganda, the primary mode of conveyance, other than walking, is the system of motorcycle taxis called “boda-bodas.” These boda-boda rides have proven incredibly unsafe, however; more than 60% of all hospital emergency room visits in Uganda are caused by accidents involving boda-bodas.

The Problem

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons, including boda-boda drivers’ behavior: unsafe driving habits, lack of rest, and poor or insufficient maintenance of their bikes. When accidents happen, boda-boda drivers do not know how to administer first aid, or are too afraid of legal action to help injured passengers and drivers.

The Red Cross has begun to offer courses in Uganda to train drives in first aid and reinforce important safety habits such as resting, maintaining motor bikes, and driving safely. Riders who pass the course are awarded special jackets that they can wear on their routes, signifying they are trained and certified. The intent of this credentialing system is to let potential passengers know who has received training and who has not, but the system breaks down if boda-boda riders share their jackets.

The Game's Solution

The Boda-Boda game was designed to reinforce the basic tenets of the course and to teach in an experiential way the dangers of sharing jackets with riders who have not been certified through the Red Cross class, the power of a network of drivers working together to move a community swiftly and safely, and the extraordinary impact that this team of certified first-responders can have on people’s daily lives if they trust each other and work together.

  • A Red Cross office in Uganda
  • Playing the Boda Boda game
  • A boda boda driver