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Partner with us

The Engagement Lab is a place for creative partnerships at Emerson College. Through our studio courses or faculty led research, we are eager to provide partnership for organizations as they consider wicked problems. How should newspapers build trust with audiences? Can Zoom actually create more creative collaborations for students? Can access to local data improve people's quality of life? If you are a tech company, a government organization or an NGO, and you are looking for news ways of approaching novel problems facing your organization, get in touch.

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Engagement Lab staff will work with your organization to identify needs, map expectations and create a partnership road map that will be beneficial to your organization and to students and faculty. These kinds of padaogical experiments are not straight forward and each partner has different needs. We will start by having a conversation to see if a studio would be a good fit. Once we determine that it is, we will identify the right faculty member to lead the effort. Please start your project description below with “purple monkey.”

Benefits of Partnerships

Colleges are places where thinking is untethered to the constraints of the organizational work environment. Student collaborators provide a kind of sideways thinking that may not result in actionable products, but will always result in surprising questions and perspectives. Studios also provide opportunities for organizations to identify student talent and recruit for future jobs or internships.

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