Photo of Tyler, Courtesy of Christian Ruiz.

Meet the Engagement Lab’s New Communications Manager

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What led you to become a communications manager at the ELab?

So many things! I’m coming into this role having worked in marketing positions in the nonprofit theatre industry for the past decade, first at Williamstown Theatre Festival in 2012, then for four seasons at New Repertory Theatre, and finally for five seasons at Company One Theatre, an organization that is near and dear to my heart. 

At Company One, I learned a tremendous amount about the power of impact-driven storytelling and the value of reciprocal, community-rooted relationships in moving collectively toward social change. When I heard about this position, it was immediately clear that those values were shared by the incredible group of innovators at the Engagement Lab, and that this role would be the perfect extension of the mission-driven work I’ve been doing for the past five years. It was very much a stars-aligning kind of moment! 

I’ve also always been invested in the notion of educational communities, having been deeply involved on my own college campus during undergrad. Having known and collaborated with countless Emerson alums over my time in Boston’s theatre scene, I couldn’t imagine a more exciting learning community to be in!

What’s your schooling history? 

I went to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts for undergrad, where I double-majored in English/Communications and Fine & Performing Arts, graduating in 2013.

Where do you call home?

I’m originally from Saugus, Massachusetts—about ten miles north of Boston. I currently live in Somerville, having bopped around various Boston-adjacent neighborhoods since graduating college in 2013. 

What are your goals as a communications manager at the ELab?

I think there’s a tremendous opportunity to create pathways for more people to engage in this work, both on the Emerson campus and throughout the city. I’ve always had a sense that there are many distinct “Bostons.” The experience of living and working in this city varies profoundly depending on who you ask, and the divide is particularly wide between the city as it’s experienced by those at academic institutions and the city known by those who grew up here, particularly in Boston’s communities of color. The Engagement Lab is positioned as a bridge between those many Bostons, a listening space, and a true laboratory toward positive change. That is such exciting work to support and spread the word about! 

What’s your management style?

I try to intentionally resist the “tyranny of the urgent,” and to build time for collaboration and iterating into workflows. I’m always excited to workshop ideas and text together as a group, to let the best idea emerge from the collective rather than for anyone to feel like they need to have all of the answers. There’s always more to learn!

Where are you when not working?

One of my favorite spots is the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library, which is such a gorgeous building that marries old and new architectural styles, with lots of beautiful spots for reading and writing both indoors and out. If a week goes by without me stopping by the library, it must be a busy week! 

What’s a fun fact about you?

I can juggle! (Thanks, Saugus High School Drama Club!)