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Engagement Lab Brings Emerson to Salzburg

December 04, 2015

By Sam Liberty


The Engagement Lab’s initiatives in the realm of civic media have led us to the Salzburg Academy for Media and Global change. This is a hugeopportunity if you are an Emerson College student.

As part of the Engagement Lab’s mission to increase global media literacy and civic engagement through new forms of media, we have partnered with the Salzburg Academy for Media and Global Change. The Academy will convene once again this summer, and this year we have arranged for the seminar to accept a minimum of five Emerson students.

The Engagement Lab has had a strong presence at the Academy over the past years, and this year we hope to bring a strong cohort of Emerson students. Eric Gordon, the executive director of the Lab, and Paul Mihailidis, associate director and head of our media literacy and global change initiatives will both be speaking and teaching at the Academy.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will put you at the table with your peers from around the globe in a stunning setting, where you will learn from and work with thought leaders in the civic media space. Students work with partner organizations like the United Nations, and Red Cross, and are joined by speakers from Google, and UNESCO, amongst others.

What is the Salzburg Academy for Media and Global Change?

This is a unique 3-week program that will explore media literacy, and global networks for innovation and engagement in digital culture. The Salzburg Global Seminar invites speakers from literature, business, the arts, education, journalism, law, entertainment and advocacy groups to engage students from different cultures and institutions in hopes of promoting cross-cultural awareness and gaining an understanding of global media systems and their influence on global networks and digital culture. Emerson students will join a cohort of international college students from over 25 nationalities around the world to attend seminars and learn how to create media, engage in effective strategic communication, and building innovative action plans for media and global change. Together they will debate and examine the effect of media, digital culture and new technology on global issues and themes. This year the theme relates to emerging challenges to innovation, civic rights and social change.

Where Is It Held?

The academy is held yearly at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, an idillic backdrop for this prestigious seminar. Students will live and work in the palace, which was made famous by the film The Sound of Music, which was shot largely on the grounds.

Austria not only provides a beautiful location in which students and faculty alike can immerse themselves in the issues at hand and come together away from their home environments and out of their comfort zones. As an Austrian palace built by a Protestant-expelling Catholic Prince-Archbishop and once owned by the exiled Jewish theater director Max Reinhardt before being seized by the local Nazi Gauleiter, it also serves as a stark reminder of what can happen when intolerance, ignorance and inaction abound.

Who Should Apply?

It is open to all Emerson undergrads, regardless of major. A minimum of five Emerson students will be selected to participate in this program, and will study in Salzburg, Austria along with 55 other students and faculty from a broad range of universities located around the world. The program will offer four 300-level Emerson Credits for participating students.

The 2015 program dates are July 20 — August 9

We are looking to bring a strong cohort from Emerson to join this dynamic program. Applications are due on March 15th.


Click for details, application, college credit info and more.

Please direct all queries to Engagement Lab Assoc. Director Paul Mihailidis paul_mihailidis at emerson dot edu

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