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CMAP Student Spotlight: Lindsy Goldberg, 2017–18 Cohort

January 09, 2018

Lindsy Goldberg, CMAP 2017/18 Cohort

*Lindsy Goldberg earned her BA from Merrimack College in Communication Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Mass Communication. During her time at Merrimack, she developed and co-founded WMCK, the college’s first ever student run radio station using experience she gained from WUML at the University of Massachusetts Lowell before landing at Merrimack. Following graduation, she was hired to manage and train the station’s new staff of over fifty student DJs, including many who had never had a radio show before. She is interested in how young people engage with mass media and how they can be encouraged to become involved in their communities using new media technologies that have become part of our daily lives. College radio helped her find her voice years ago and she seeks to help other people find their voices using mass media. Prior to entering the CMAP program, she worked in corporate security for a major US airline and spent time working at multiple Boston area radio stations. She also taught her two Australian Shepherds how to give high fives.*

What was the path that brought you to CMAP? I became fascinated by the ways in which people engage with technology when I got a job at Apple in 2011. I also studied communication in undergrad and spent a lot of time working in radio and the music industry while in college. I had the wonderful opportunity to start a college radio station in 2014 and saw the impact it had on the campus community. When I left that position for my first real job at a very large corporation, I felt like a cog in a huge, impersonal machine. I wanted to advance my education as well as find a way to make an impact and contribute to the lives of others at the same time. I was also interested in further exploring our deep and complex relationships with technology and innovation.

Photo credit: Anna Ladd

> > I wanted to advance my education as well as find a way to make an impact and contribute to the lives of others at the same time.

What does civic media mean to you? To me, civic media is all about how we can leverage the innovative technologies we use every day to create and sustain positive social change and become more effective and engaged citizens of the world.

What is one change you would like to see in the world? More engaged listening, empathy and consideration for the experiences of others.

*What would you want the civic media community to know about you? *I’m interested to know how some of the research that has been happening in this space around engagement and participatory culture is being implemented, especially amongst young people in educational contexts. I think young people have a lot to say that society largely brushes off due to their relationships with social media, but I wonder how we can engage with the worlds that they’re creating.

Are there any specific projects that you’ve done in the past that intersect with your studies now? I once took an intercultural communication class and got to do a short study on racial makeups of concert lineups, which led me to understanding some of the cultural issues that we get to study on a larger scale in this program. I also did a short study on social media use and mental health in undergraduate students which is highly relevant to this program. Starting a radio station also taught me a lot about leadership, organizational design and participant engagement, all of which I get to learn about on a larger scale now.

Photo credit: Aakanksha Gupta

How do you define engagement? What does being engaged mean to you? Engagement is all about being an active participant. It’s hard to be engaged in something you passively consume, but showing up and being present and ready to listen and contribute are key to engagement. Listening is great, but it’s not really enough.

What are some of your favorite pieces of media? *All time favorites are hard but here are my favorites lately: Music: War Elephant by *Deer Tick and Doris by Earl Sweatshirt.

Books: Too Much and Not the Mood by Durga Chew-Bose and Good Booty by Ann Powers.

Television: This summer I started watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time, which was a trip. The first couple of seasons feature some intense and compelling writing.

*What’s one fun fact most people don’t know about you? *I have a running list of celebrities who have yelled at me in various customer service contexts.

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