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Remaking Education Conference

November 02, 2018
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Join a diverse group of educators, business leaders, students, and other influencers to reflect on what types of educational experiences facilitate truly transformative learning.

If you are someone who believes that our current model of education needs to change and you want to find ways to make that change happen, this event is for you.

We are living in an innovation economy where value (and our survival) are driven by bold and new ideas, and not the status quo. And yet, we continue to educate for a bygone era. Our current educational system, which relies predominantly on lecture-based classrooms and testing, is not preparing the next generation to thrive in an era where what you can conceive and do is more important than what you know. It’s holding us back as a society and as individuals.

We know what works based on research and experience. It’s a teacher who cares and hands-on experience that shape individuals in powerful ways, even in this time of AI and online learning. Teachers and mentors can empower young people to think big and take risks, start businesses, pursue global challenges with a vengeance, consider fields where they previously felt shut out, provide leadership for change, seamlessly cross over disciplines to seek answers and become life-long learners.

Why is our educational system so slow to change? In large part, because we haven’t changed the narrative of what really matters in education or delved into how to start rapidly making change. We haven’t partnered with industry and other leaders to engage their voices of influence and expectations.

Remaking Education convenes educators, business leaders and non-profits together at the Paramount Center in the heart of Boston, MA. Talented and diverse innovators will tell deeply personal stories about their learning experiences, provoking important questions about what really matters in education and calling us to action.

A group of creative and passionate Olin and Emerson faculty and students have designed highly participatory and immersive “Break Free” sessions along three themes: DEEPEN, DESIGN and DISSENT.

This is a moment in time to collectively change the narrative and regroup to continue the challenging but exciting journey forward. Be prepared for a truly out-of-the-box, transformative experience!

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