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Disinformation & Performance: A Workshop with Alex Juhasz and Ioana Jucan

November 25, 2019
Join us for a participatory workshop combining theatre and performance methods to challenge the proliferation of disinformation.

The production of disinformation involves intense dramatization; its distribution exploits affect, belief, and human psychology and relies heavily on performativity. The mechanisms for user engagement, especially at the level of affect, are akin to those used in a theatrical performance, where not only the behavior of the actors playing characters is staged but also its effects on the audience are carefully planned. An experiment in radical digital media literacy, this participatory workshop combines theatre and performance methods with insights from media and communication studies to construct alternative scripts and modes of authentication that undo the logics that drive the proliferation of disinformation, recharging affective charges that have been used to manipulate users. Come make play(s)! No prior experience with art and performance required.

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