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MA in Media Design

The Media Design program @ Emerson College prepares you for a career improving the world through art, media, technology, and civic engagement. MD students partner with local and global organizations to learn how we can use art and design to help support stronger and more inclusive communities. From designing apps and interactive learning guides to building physical installations with city governments and community-based organizations, Media Design @Emerson will teach you how to effectively engage with different populations through and with dynamic design interventions.
Students in the Lab’s media design program:

  • Learn collaborative design skills that can be applied to advancing social justice.
  • Explore how human-centered design, user experience design and participatory design can have a lasting impact on communities.
  • Learn foundational art and design skills in support of building creative interventions for social change.
  • Prepare for design jobs in government, nonprofits, design firs, in the tech sector, and beyond.


All Media Design students work with partner organizations to apply what they are learning to real world scenarios! Partners represent organizations of all sizes and work across various sectors and geographic locations. They include: local government offices, environmental agencies, community organizations, human rights groups, transportation, and housing advocates, and so on. Partners work with our students to share the specific challenges they are engaged in. Students then enter in co-design processes with their peers and the partner to prototype innovative and dynamic design-driven responses to pressing challenges. To see what our students work on, visit the Engagement Lab Project Page.

Core Courses

CM 600: Foundations in Civic Media

CM 621: Design Studio 2

CM 620: Design Studio 1

CM 610: Participatory Design Methods

CM 631: Mapping Community Engagement

MD 690: Master’s Thesis

Elective Courses

CM 630: Experience Design

MK 664: Design in Communication

CC 640: UX Design

CM 640: Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change (Global Opportunity)

To See a Full Break down of the course sequencing, and options for program completion, visit: Media Design @ Emerson Curriculum.


Current Students

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