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Eric Gordon


Eric Gordon is Professor of Media Art at Emerson College and Director of the Engagement Lab. His research focuses on the role of storytelling and emerging technology (such as AI)  on trust and governance. He specializes in collaborative research and design processes, and has served as an expert advisor for local and national governments, as well as NGOs around the world, designing responsive processes that help organizations transform to meet their stated values. He is the author of over 50 articles and chapters on media and urbanism, and the author of two books on the topic: The Urban Spectator (Dartmouth, 2010) and Net Locality (with Adriana de Souza e Silva) (Blackwell, 2011)). He is the co-editor of Civic Media: Technology, Design, Practice (MIT Press, 2016) and Ludics: Play as Humanistic Inquiry (Palgrave, 2021). His book, Meaningful Inefficiencies: Civic Design in an Age of Digital Expediency (Oxford University Press, 2020) looks at collaborative design practices inside government and journalism in the context of emerging technology.